I’m a professional photographer

Julia Yatel, fashion brands photographer in Lisbon, Portugal

Photography is a mini-life in pictures. Professional photography for me is an opportunity to combine the beauty and energy of personality, style, fashion, and the spirit of the place.

I am Ukrainian, living for several years in Lisbon, Portugal, and working worldwide. 

In my first year at the faculty of journalism, I accidentally got into the department of photo journalism. The world helped me choose the passion of life. My first job was in one of the top glossy magazines in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Stylish shots, beautiful personalities, exciting ideas – this world was both new and familiar. Also, my brother began to work professionally in old-style film photography during this period. He had his own style and vision. It amazed and inspired me.

I started my solo career in fashion as a professional makeup artist and hairstylist. A few years ago I realized that I often like the backstage photos from my phone more than the finished shots of other photographers. And no one better than me will show my makeup and looks. This is how the first camera appeared in my life, followed by hundreds of stylish photo shoots and magazine covers with my name.

Every day I fall in love with fashion photography more and more. It is an integral and essential part of my communication with the world. I scream with joy when cool shots are born from ideas and puzzles in the mood board. In the literal sense of the word))

My clients

  • private clients, ladies and gentlemen, who want to look stylish and modern
  • all creative people – actresses/actors, writers, singers, DJs
  • brands of clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, jewellery, cosmetics
  • fashion models
  • modeling, wedding, and advertising agencies
  • glossy fashion magazines

My services

  • fotoshoots for any people, who want to reveal their new sides, look stylish and natural
  • ocean beach shoots
  • shoots for social networks, personal brand, business portfolios, CVs
  • fashion photoshoot for brands
  • street style shoots
  • fashion love stories for couples
  • unique project “Transformation”. In this photo project, I help any girl and woman feel like a model on the magazine cover. You trust me with everything – from choosing an image, location, clothes to shooting and editing photos. I create stylish shots in which I reveal the true energy of the beauty of any person

Write to me, book me or ask any questions you have. I will be happy to communicate with you!

Most of the time I work in Lisbon. But I love to travel and work in Portugal (Porto, Coimbra, Braga, Faro, Albufeira, etc.), in Europe, and worldwide.

Over the years of work, I have gathered my own team of professionals, where everyone is a true fan of their work. Stylists, florists, decorators, assistants, models – these people help me create large-scale and cool “turnkey” projects. I am proud to work with my husband, he takes care of all the organizational and financial parts. Thanks to him, I can focus on creativity and beauty.

In photo projects, I perform not only as a photographer but also as a makeup artist and hairstylist. I successfully work with models and brides in teams with other photographers.

How I create stylish fashion stories

  • for many years I worked as a fashion journalist. This experience has shaped my taste, style, and vision. In my fantasy, I immediately see the finished picture, which I recreate from many details on the shooting
  • my experience as a makeup artist allowed me to see the styles of different photographers. It was very interesting and helpful. To this day, I learn from everyone I work with
  • my job in marketing has taught me clarity, thoughtfulness, and organization. I love it when every point of a new fashion project is analyzed and prepared. A photo project for me is creativity + clearly defined tasks + high-quality organization
  • I trust my team. And appreciate that everyone loves and knows his/her job. And does it well!
  • I feel people and their inner world. It is important for me to create photo stories with real energy. For example, if the model is very calm in temperament, I will never demand a hot/sexy style from her on the photo. Instead, I will pick up an idea in which I will reveal exactly her personality and view of the world
  • I support my clients in the whole process: mood, location, looks, makeup&hair, posing, emotions, etc

I invite you to join me in the love of style and fashion. Let’s connect and create beautiful projects together!