How to create a fashion model portfolio

A model’s portfolio is her style business card. Good shots in a portfolio can get a model noticed and lead to top job offers from luxury brands. What kind of shots should you include in your portfolio to attract the right clients and companies?

1. Determine the style you want to work in. Fashion photography or beauty shots, high fashion or commercial fashion, photo, video or all of the above? Do you want to model for top clothing brands or become the face of a fashionable cosmetics brand?

2. Choose a photographer who will create the best photos for you. Evaluate her/his work style. Analyze what types of models she often features. What types of shoots does she enjoy? Does she shoot campaigns for brands and has she been published in magazines? For example, my clients always tell me how much they like my publications in international fashion magazines. When they see all my covers, every model sets a goal to be in a glossy magazine.

3. Together with the photographer, choose the most ideal location for the upcoming shoot. For example, I usually shoot outdoors. The sea breeze or the noise of the city streets adds a special aesthetic to the shot. Each location sets the tone and mood for the model and the photographer. For example, the beach and the sun create a fantastic setting for beautiful portraits and really glowing skin. In street photography, I love shots in motion. These photos reflect the model’s character, charisma and energy.

4. Choose a stylist and select 3-5 images for the session. They should be completely different styles. From solid, delicate dresses to bright and stylish suits. Think about the finished look and complement it with accessories. For example, large geometric-style earrings can add an instant touch to the look. Your challenge is to show how different you can be, depending on the project and task, in just one shoot.

5. Choose a professional makeup artist and hairstylist who will create a modern and trendy look for your photo shoot. I wrote about how to choose a makeup artist in this article.

6. On the day of the photo shoot, immerse yourself in the process. Work as a team. Be yourself – lively, interesting, emotional, stylish and beautiful. Let the new shots be a level higher than what you created before. And make your dream of working with the best brands a reality!

And of course, you can always share your ideas and questions with me. Let’s connect and create stylish fashion shoots together 💛

Author: Julia Yatel