Wedding makeup secrets

I will tell you a little secret. My makeup case for brides is completely different from the case for fashion makeup. The essence is not only in products but also in techniques. In this material, let me tell you about the secrets of wedding makeup.

1. Natural beauty.

Every request from my brides begins with “I want to look beautiful and in the same time stay myself.” Wedding makeup is a luxurious look. All shades are in balance. Every detail is worked out. Even if the bride chooses a very bright and juicy shade of lipstick, it looks beautiful and stylish just for her. Each look is unique. Wedding makeup should reflect a woman – her style, character, and emotions.

2. Long-lasting makeup

One of the most important factors in bridal makeup is long-lasting. Modern brands have learned how to make tonal foundations with a natural finish. However, they provide good results throughout the day. A separate detail – powders. For example, during the makeup process, I use transparent powders that also set the makeup. Among these are light powder from Laura Mercier and special powder for the area under the eyes from Pat McGrath. I love the sanding textures from Hourglass. But for the completion of long-lasting wedding makeup, I always use the perfect tandem – powder and fix spray from Charlotte Tilbury.

3. Always with you.

Mattifying wipes and favorite lip gloss. These are two products that every bride should have on her wedding day. Another secret is these matting products are ideal for the groom too. If the wedding photo shoot is in bright sunshine, mattifying wipes will help to avoid excessive shine on the face. The photographer will be thankful. A lip gloss to match the color of lipstick will help the bride to refresh and moisturize her lips at any time.

4. Say no to experiments on the eve before the wedding.

Do not experiment with yourself on the eve before the wedding day. We are talking about procedures for both the face and the body. Skip peeling or deep cleansing. Such procedures should be done only by trusted masters and start six months before the wedding. On the eve of an important day, you should not do eyelash extensions for the first time in your life. It is suitable only for those who made such procedures before and have their trusted master. Save extra tanning, injections, and other experiments for a while after the wedding. On the morning before the wedding, do not use unknown face masks.

5. The night before the wedding.

A cherished night is a great occasion to celebrate and have fun. But I strongly advise brides to follow simple rules. Don’t drink a lot of fluids at night. Get enough sleep and rest to look fresh and beautiful in the morning. Entrust your entire image to a professional makeup artist.

But my main advice – relax, relax and relax again. And on this beautiful and important day, you will be happy and irresistible!

Author: Julia Yatel