How to choose a wedding hairstyle

If we talk about trends, more and more brides are choosing a natural hairstyle.

  • When choosing a hairstyle from pictures on the Internet, do not forget to take into account your characteristics – style, appearance, and hair structure. Not everything that looks beautiful on another person will suit you. Hair color and density, face shape, wedding dress style, veil, ceremony place and time, and the overall style of the bride are all important factors in choosing a hairstyle.
  • Please note that the hairstyle can correct the shape of the face, and make you even more beautiful. For example, if you have a high forehead, proper styling will help visually balance the proportions. If you have a narrow and thin face, the extra volume on the sides will add harmony to the look.
  • Be careful when choosing a look with strands on the face. If you constantly correct them with your hands, by the evening the hairstyle will look less neat and beautiful.
  • Pay enough attention to the trial wedding hairstyle. For example, my brides often choose light curls. But it is important to clearly state what style the bride wants. There are over ten different options for curls for a wedding look. Every detail is crucial: smoothness, shine, volume, texture, fixation.
  • Pay attention to how the hairstyle looks from different angles. If you have a favorite angle, let the wedding photographer know which side you look best on.
  • Consider making two different hairstyles for your wedding day. For example, I have the service “accompanying the bride during the wedding day”. If you chose light curls for the first image, for the evening look you can gather hair in a bun. In addition, in the middle of the celebration before the banquet, I always advise refreshing the bride’s makeup. It makes her not only more beautiful and confident.

Wedding hair is just as important as makeup and dress. By choosing a good master and choosing the right hairstyle, you will be beautiful on one of the most important days of your life!

Author: Julia Yatel