Fashion Photographer Work in Portugal

Fashion photography is a special kind of art. A beautiful frame can inspire, motivate, ignite and even make you fall in love. As a fashion photographer in Lisbon, I will tell you about the peculiarities of working in sunny Portugal.

Perfect lighting. In 99% of my projects I shoot with natural light. Sunlight is the best assistant. My clients often ask me how I get such glowing skin on my photos. Of course, good makeup plays an important role. But the choice of location and sunlight is the most important factor. Portugal has about 300 sunny days a year. Even on cloudy days we have beautiful soft light. Fans of pastel tones and a romantic mood choose such weather for their photo sessions.

Locations for every taste. Portugal is one big location. “My Instagram country” I call it. Here you will find a huge number of different locations for photo sessions. What do you prefer? A beach with perfect blue water or big ocean waves and cliffs? The historic buildings of noisy Lisbon or the business streets and trendy minimalism of the modern city? Unique beauty palaces with beautiful gardens or viewpoints at sunset with a view of a million dollars? In my Instagram there is a special tab in highlights where I save the most beautiful places.

Brands and clients from all over the world. The work of a fashion photographer and makeup artist in Portugal opened up the whole world to me. Here in Lisbon, I have the opportunity to work with brands from all over the world – from Mozambique, China and Dubai to the UK, France and the USA. Working with clients from different countries is one of my favorite benefits. Everyone brings their own culture and style to the project. And that inspires and expands my world. It is a great honor and pleasure for me to create beautiful frames for people from all over the world. Each photoshoot is a mini-story with its own character, unique qualities and personality. My job as a makeup artist and fashion photographer is to see and reveal the most real, vivid and sincere emotions.

Land of talent and beauty. During my work in Portugal, I meet a great number of stylists, models, actresses, musicians, producers, art directors, jewelers, designers and other creative personalities. Many of them have either moved here from different countries or come to participate in photoshoots. Each time we create a unique team of real magicians for every exclusive project!

History and trends. Portugal perfectly combines historical heritage and modern trends in the fashion industry. Lisbon Fashion Week (Moda Lisboa) introduces many truly talented designers and stylists to the world. Close proximity to Milan, Paris and London allows Portugal to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Photographers, stylists and fashion icons come to Portugal to shoot their new collections.

Don’t forget, you can always share your ideas and questions with me. Let’s connect and create stylish fashion shoots together 💛

Author: Julia Yatel