The best bridal makeup trends

This year, the bridal look is becoming even more modern with an emphasis on naturalness, radiance, and freshness. A stylish bride is a beautiful bride. A bride’s look from makeup to dress style reflects her state of mind, her dreams and desires, her happiness and love. The bride’s makeup in 2023 is the perfect tone, fresh blush, a light glow, and natural shades on the lips.

As a makeup artist, I believe that the look of the bride should be tender and natural. Here are some of the key trends that I have been seeing:

  • Preparing the skin for makeup is crucial, with an emphasis on hydration, nourishment, and protection. A good primer is essential for creating a flawless base and should be tailored to suit the individual’s skin type.
  • Beautiful glowing skin is key. The perfect tone with an inner glow is achieved by using a good primer, tailored to the individual’s skin type, and a long-lasting, natural-looking foundation. I recommend using a pore-refining primer for the T-zone and a radiant primer for the rest of the face.
  • The foundation should be long-lasting and natural-looking, with a variety of shades to choose from. Brides should choose a shade that matches their skin perfectly, and makeup artists will help them find the right one.
  • Soft and almost imperceptible facial correction. Contrasting contouring is a thing of the past. Instead, I focus on using persistent cream proofreaders and fixing them with dry ones, especially when the ceremony and wedding photo session is held under the bright sun.
  • Natural highlighter on skin is in. The glow of the skin is achieved through pre-treatment, and makeup artists avoid active dry highlighters on the cheekbones.
  • Brows should be natural and groomed. Makeup artists will use pencils, gels, and powders to create the perfect shape and definition.
  • Natural eyebrows and a minimum of additional color are important. I recommend using eyebrow gel or wax, and my favorite gel is from Anastasia Beverly Hills, transparent, perfectly fixes, and does not leave behind a white coating.
  • Eyes should be natural, with a focus on soft, light colors that create a modern, sophisticated look. Makeup artists will use eyeshadows, liners, and mascaras to enhance the bride’s natural beauty.
  • Shiny eye makeup is trendy and stylish. I recommend using shades on the upper eyelid.
  • Natural shades on the lips look just as good as more colorful shades. The main rule of bridal makeup is balance and harmony, and I always create a natural shade of lipstick, combined with lip gloss.
  • My favorite accent in bridal makeup is blush. The trend is peach shades. I always combine several different textures and colors, such as my favorite palette from Pat McGrath includes two matte shades – both warm and cold, and I always finish the look with a highlighter and blush from Hourglass.
  • Veil shading is important for all products, from bronzers and blushes to eye shadows. This creates a natural, sophisticated look.

In 2023, the emphasis is on natural beauty and a fresh, radiant look. As a bridal makeup artist I work closely with the bride to create a look that is perfect for her and reflects her unique style and personality. My goal is to make the bride look and feel her best on her special day, and to create a look that will last all day.

I wish all of the brides to be the most beautiful and happy! Enjoy, rejoice, shine, and bathe in love on this wonderful day. And leave the rest to the professionals!

Author: Julia Yatel